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List Analysis for B. impatiens bimp_OGSv1.0 All Genes (14937 Genes)

Date Created: 1559059726326


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    1. Gene Ontology Enrichment
    2. Publication Enrichment
    3. Pathway Enrichment

    Important Notes for Enrichment Widgets to avoid false positives:

    1. If your gene list contains genes from more than one gene set, it is critical that you create new lists for each specific gene set and then redo the analyses separately by clicking the newly saved lists on your List View page. You can filter the table above for a particular gene set using the histogram icon above the Gene Source column in the table above. Then "Save as List".

    2. You should change the background population from the default to one of the available gene sets or your own background gene list.

    The template queries below have been executed for this list.

    Alias and DBxref

    Gene ID --> Alias ID + Database Cross Reference ID


    Gene --> Transcript --> Protein


    Gene ID --> Homologues


    Gene ID --> Publication